Change is Constant & Inevitable, But Still... WTF?!

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So you can see there is a big, giant mega sale on, to sell off everything in the shop, and I figure it would be great to explain why & what is going on... 

I've been running Veronica Dearly for almost 8 years now, and in that time it's changed an awful lot, I started out just making wedding stationery & doing design work, and now have an overwhelmingly large range of products, a wholesale operation, subscription clubs (more on that later) and lots of artwork licensing on the go. I love my job, and my business, and that's why I need to change it up a little bit/a lot. 

Firstly, I want to make new art, a lot. And right now, with so many products already in the shop, it feels a little bit like I'm just adding to the noise. I really want to make sure that every single thing I make feels exciting & special, not just to me but to everyone else too hopefully. (And also, I want people to be able to find things they like, without being overwhelmed and having to hunt through 300 other things, I've been finding it super hard recently to keep the website easy to navigate.) 

Secondly, I want to make some time to focus on entirely new ventures including writing and coaching/mentoring. It's something I've been passionate about since before 'Veronica Dearly' began and it seems like a great time to explore, so as they say - watch this space!

I love running this business and am so grateful for every single person that has made an order, shared or liked something I've done or just generally cheered me on. I hope you are as excited as I am about what the future holds! 

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