Detoxifying Your Life

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We've covered the toxic influences you don't need in your life. We all want to live free of toxic influences and we all should. 

Here are some tips on detoxifying your life...

Check Your Boundaries

As humans, we tend to have a different set of boundaries for each relationship we have. And that's totally fine and normal, we tend to give more leeway to those closest to us, but it's worth examining what's going on. If you're feeling a bit vulnerable take a look at what you expect from people vs. what you get, and how it makes you feel.

Think about the specific things they might currently do and how you can make it clear that you won't put up with that from now on. This doesn't need to involve a big confrontation, a gentle text message or phone call can go a long way. 

No Drama, No, No, No Drama

A bit of drama in your life now and then is to be expected, but don't get pulled into it when it can be avoided. If there's someone in your life stirring up chaos and you find yourself right in the middle of it, then it maybe you need to tell them you're finding it stressful, or distance yourself completely.

If the drama isn't actually real, and you just have someone close to you that thrives on inventing negatives to complain about, it's worth noticing that. You can try and help them put it in perspective, shut it down, or just shut it out. 

Try to make your headspace more of a drama free zone of calm. 

Know The Signs

Once you're familiar with what toxic behaviour looks like you can be super vigilant. Recognise it as it happens, and it'll be easier to stop it from becoming a pattern. 

Focus on the Good Shit

If you've got friends that try to pull toxic crap on you, and friends that don't, the second lot should win every time. Spend time fostering the positive relationships,

Don't Wait For Changes

People don't change unless they want to. You can't fix them, you don't have to make excuses for them, you just have to take responsibility for your end of things. 

It Takes Time

If you cut someone out of your life, that's an instant fix. But most of the time, where you are just making small changes in how your relationships work, you probably won't see big results straight away. Don't let this frustrate you. Taking small, consistent action in reducing the amount of toxic behaviour you tolerate day to day will have a huge positive effect in the long run. 

Remember, above all else, you deserve to be free of toxic influences, if someone makes you feel bad for not wanting to put up with their bad behaviour, you 100% shouldn't. You are awesome, and will only ever get more awesome by prioritising putting toxic people in the bin. 

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