What Have We Got To Be Grateful For?

Posted by Veronica Dearsley on

Sometimes life can feel really fucking awful. Like, how can I even be expected to cope with the day ahead of me, let alone feel grateful for anything awful. 

And actually, it's those times when trying to be grateful is going to have the biggest effect. 

Practice being grateful by looking back to a shitty time in the past that is now over (even if you are going through a shitty time now.) 

Look at it with all you know now and think of some things you had to be grateful for that you might not have realised at the time. Just 3 maybe, let's not go crazy. 

Maybe there is someone in your life that supports you no matter what. 
Or, you have a super comfortable bed to hide in when you can't face the world. 
Can you still afford a lovely, terrible, takeaway when you just need to feel looked after?

Stuff like that. Some of it might seem stupid, or even totally inaccurate for you. But just taking a moment to notice it can change it from being something you wouldn't even consider to something that makes you feel good, even if it's just for a second. 

Some people write gratitude diaries every day, and that's wonderful, but personally I know that is not my vibe. But just thinking for a minute or two, I think we've all got time for that. 

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