What is Coaching?

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What is personal/life coaching?

Coaching is a type of learning. It is learning that takes place during a conversation, or series of conversations, that give the client time and space to explore their thoughts and feelings. The coach will take the form of an excellent listener and guide, with the right questions to help you find answers and solutions that could help you.

How does it work?

My coaching sessions are all 1 hour long and will usually be conducted online via zoom, which is a free to use video conferencing software (a bit like Skype) or in person dependent on location. I will usually book out sessions in blocks of 6, but that doesn’t mean we have to discuss the same issue during each session, what we talk about will be completely led by you, the client.

You may want to set goals or work towards tangible outcomes, or you may just want to give yourself some time and space to get clear on what’s going on in your life. Either way, we can discuss that prior to the first session and make sure to take this into account.

What can I expect from you as my coach?

First and foremost, a safe space - confidential and judgement free. A series of sessions purely focused on you exploring whatever it is that you want to explore. I will not be giving you advice or telling you what to do, simply helping you work this out for yourself.

What could coaching help me with?

Coaching isn’t quite magic, but it’s as close as you can get. It can help you achieve whatever it is you want to achieve, navigate difficult situations, find clarity or entirely overhaul your life. Coaching empowers you to look at what’s going on in your life, and find ways to bring it more in line with what you want. Of course, the common thread in all of this is you.

Working with a coach will really be as effective as you want it to be.

There are many, many reasons that someone might choose to work with a coach, it could be:

  • There is something you want to talk through without judgement
  • You are facing a challenge somewhere in your life
  • You are looking for clarity on something
  • Perhaps you’re feeling unfulfilled at work and going through a career change
  • You could be navigating a difficult relationship
  • You could be exploring something new in your life
  • You are just looking to gather your thoughts

But actually the principals of coaching can be applied to an infinite number of scenarios. If you aren’t sure if it could be suitable for you, just ask!

How might I benefit from having a coach?

The outcomes from working with a coach vary wildly and are dependent on you as a person, what you are hoping for and what circumstances you find yourself in. But there really is an enormous amount of positivity to be gained. For example, you could:

  • Get clarity on the way you feel about things.
  • Work out a new direction to head in.
  • Get unstuck.
  • Find a solution to something that is bothering you.
  • Lay out a plan to achieve something you want to do.
  • Increase your self awareness.
  • Prioritise the things you spend your time on in line with your desires.
  • Navigate a challenge, such as a period of change or difficulty. 

What is personal coaching not?

Personal coaching is not me telling you what to do or giving advice.

Coaching is not me telling you what I’d do in your situation or what I might have done before.

Coaching is not therapy or psychoanalysis.

Coaching is not someone else solving your problems for you.

Coaching is not especially structured or rigid.


In conclusion, coaching is an incredibly powerful learning experience that can help you navigate the world in your own way. It is flexible and based entirely on you, your thoughts and your experiences. It can feel a little weird to start with, but can be extremely beneficial. Whatever your challenge, give it a go!

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