Jingle All the Way Away With Your Festivity Anti-Christmas Enamel Glitter Pin

  • £3.95
  • Save £5

Do you sigh and roll your eyes when people start putting their Christmas trees up in September?

And slowly feel the rage filling your body when you hear "All I want for Christmas is you" for the fifth time in a day? 

This could be the pin for you. At a distance, people might see the gentle, cutesy pastels, Christmas tree and glitter glistening and think you are lending your support to the festive season, but once they get nearer, BAM, your feelings become clear. 

If you are part of a hilarious duo whereby one of you loves Christmas, and one of you hates it, you can also buy this pin as a pair. 

Enamel pins are 30mm and coated in epoxy to keep them shiny & keep the glitter safe. 

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