Overcoming Shyness 6 Week Course

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🔆 Enrolment is officially open! 🔆

Are you fed up of feeling like being shy is stopping you from living the way you want to live? Doing the stuff you want to do? Just being able to, you know, be YOURSELF? 

That was me! It's not me anymore. It doesn't have to be you either. 

I spent many years too painfully shy to follow my heart and do what I really wanted to do. 

But, I've overcome that shyness in order to live the life I always wanted to live. It's not perfect, of course, but I can honestly tell you that I am truly happy and always heading in the direction I want to go in. I still consider myself to be a shy person, after all, I haven't had a personality transplant, however, I've reached a point where:

⚡ I run my own business and am the face of my brand
I can happily stand in front of a room of people and deliver a talk or participate in a panel
⚡ I am not held back by my shyness day to day
⚡ I have done things and gone to places I never would have imagined I'd be brave enough for 

Let's sort this out together during this 6 week programme!


🎥  Video modules
📝  Resources to work through
👀  Visualisations
💻  Bonus live sessions
💕  Group for love & support

 In the video modules, which are delivered to you over a period of 6 weeks via this website, we will cover everything below: 

Each module will be accompanied with some lovely printable PDFs for you to take away and work through in your own time, giving you some space to reflect and relate everything you've learnt to your own super individual circumstances, at your own super individual pace. 

Enrolment will close on Monday 5th October and the first module launches on Tuesday 6th October, and each subsequent module will go live every Tuesday after that. 

Module 1 ⚡ Getting Ready ⚡
The thing I notice when I learn anything new, is that usually I've spent a long time prior to that moment wanting to take that first step. But until then, something has held me back.

In the first module, getting ready, we will cover ways you can hope to change your life and the potential you can begin to unlock, and in doing so ensure you can fully commit to a vision of yourself overcoming your shyness. 

Module 2 🤔 Why so shy? 🤔
Now we start some serious self discovery. We will explore triggers, times & places you feel at your most shy, and when you don't feel shy at all. 

Having all of that information available will make it much easier to identify which techniques are best suited to you and areas to focus on for the best results for you. 

Module 3 🚫 Nobody Cares - Flipping it & Reversing It 🚫
Here we move onto some mindset shifts to get you out of defence mode and start to relax into this. 

Looking at how we interact with each other, whether it's with people you know well or total strangers, can really help put your worries about how people might react to you in perspective. 

Module 4 🏷️ Labelling Your Feelings & Making Life Easier For Yourself 🏷️
Next we get started on the easiest techniques to start taking those first steps past your shyness.

We will look at working with it to make sure you can get comfortable in new situations and how labelling the way you're feeling can be empowering. 

Module 5 🏊 The Deep End, And Jumping In 🏊
Now we've nailed the entry level techniques we explore the next level, how you get there, and how rewarding it is.

We will look at opportunities for you to put this into practice and plan some exciting moves. 

Module 6 🧬 Bringing It All To Life 🧬
Okay so now you've got everything you need, you just need to apply everything that works well for you to you and your life. We will spend this module reflecting on what's been most successful for you, and creating a plan to keep you grooving and moving forwards. 

We will also cover the real life fact that real life can have a way of knocking you off your feet sometimes, and how you can make sure you get back up quickly. 

👀   Visualisations  👀  
Along with each module will be a short downloadable audio file of visualisations to support them, help you relate what we cover to your daily life, and encourage you along the way. 

💻   Bonus Live Sessions  💻  and 💕  Group 💕  

3 live group coaching zoom calls will take place after week 1, week 4 and week 6, and along with the group will be great to give you the opportunity to get some extra support, have your questions answered, and most importantly to give you a space to talk about what you want to achieve and get some accountability. 

The live sessions are currently planned in as follows:

Monday 12th October post week one - 11am
Monday 2nd November post week four - 11am
Monday 16th November post week six - 11am

🌱 This is the first online course I have run, and I will use any feedback from the experience to grow. To show my gratitude for you being the first ever humans to take the plunge with me, this will be running at a super duper introductory price of £49.95 🌱

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