Send A Lovely Hand Drawn Postcard Straight To Your Pal

  • £10.00

UK ONLY - If you live anywhere else and order one of these we will automatically make it a Digital Only version and refund you the difference. Please head to the Digital Version by clicking the following link, to avoid all that palaver. Thanks: Digital Version

PLEASE NOTE - The name and address you write in the box provided will be the name and address we use, not the Shipping Address in your confirmation. If they are the same thing, then great! This is so you can order more than one at a time if you like. Thanks!

Things are weird right now. Like, super weird. Most of us are now gradually retreating into our homes without really knowing how long it will be before things get back to something vaguely resembling normality. 

I wanted to do something that can firstly be a force for positivity, and secondly help me keep going in this difficult climate. 

So, I'm opening up orders for some rather pleasant postcards, featuring a custom and unique picture/message, in order to raise the recipients spirits and remind them how much you care about them.

Just let me know the name of the recipient, and a rough idea of what you'd like the overall message to be, and I'll do my thing. On the back it will say "Sent with love from [your name]" so they aren't just thinking okay what the heck is going on here. 

And then, once all this is over, they will still have a nice little thing that they can keep forever. 

Postcards are A6, 300gsm white card, sent in lovely bright pink, exciting looking envelopes. 

If at any point the post is suspended, I will send you a digital version of your postcard to forward on to the recipient by email (or whichever virtual method you so choose) and will keep the original copy which will be sent out at such a time when the post is back to normal. So it will be like receiving it all over again! 

If you'd rather just have the digital version, check out the digital only listing here: Digital Version

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