Send An Unsolicited Dick Pick-me-up To Brighten Someone's Day - Digital Postcard Version Only

  • £9.00

As confused people on tinder learn every day, unsolicited dick pics don't tend to have the desired effect. (Assuming the desired effect isn't making the recipient roll their eyes and immediately block the sender. Which, you know, as I cannot fathom the thought process behind it, could well be the intention???) 

So, these aren't unsolicited dick pics. These, are unsolicited dick pick-me-ups. And they are weirdly adorable. 

The perfect choice for a silly sausage that's been sent more than their fair share (ie. 0) actual unsolicited dick pics in their time and deserves a much more uplifting, one of a kind hand drawn cartoon cock and balls delivering a personalised message. 

Just let me know the name of the recipient, and a rough idea of what you'd like the overall message to be, and I'll do my thing.

 Drawings will be sent as a jpeg to your email address, so you can forward to your pal in whichever digital way you so choose. 

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