Alpacas Don't Give A Fuck... And Neither Should You Print A5/A4

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Alpacas apparently get lonely and have to be kept in pairs, so it's not that they lack any kind of emotional sensitivity, however I'm fairly sure they don't spend a lot of time stressing over things they can't control. 

So let's channel their chilled out vibe and not give a fuck for a second. Just about the horrible stressful things that cause you misery whilst simultaneously being completely unchangeable. You can still give a fuck about not ruining the planet and stuff, in fact, I think the alpacas would encourage that. 

This print reads "Alpacas Don't Give A Fuck... And Neither Should You." and features 3 handsome specimens with rainbow writing. Put it above your desk to remind you not to get involved in facebook comments wars and stuff, it might change your life. 

A5 or A4 print on high quality paper stock