And Relax... Blue Cushion

  • £24.95

Cushions, you can never have too many cushions right? Especially if you live with someone that endlessly moans about having too many cushions so you just start buying them to troll them. 

Well now you can get Veronica Dearly cushions. Cute, pastel-tastic and soft. So comfy, I have them on my own sofa. Which feels kind of vain but I'm not sorry. 

This one is pale blue and reads: "And Relax... Just Kidding, You've Still Got Loads Of Stuff To Do Now"

It's nice, that feeling when you've just basically run yourself into the ground DOING ALL THE THINGS and you sit down for a nice cup of tea to stave off imminent dehydrations and you realise you still have like 800 things to do this afternoon.

Well, that's modern life I guess, might as well take the piss out of it with your soft furnishings. 

All my cushions are Faux Suede, 45cm squared, have a grey coloured back and are filled with fibre. 

Machine washable at 30 degrees.

We've done our best to get the colours right in the photograph but please bear in mind that all monitors display colour slightly differently so their might be a subtle difference in the real life product. 

*Please note these cushions will be shipped separately from the rest of your order if ordering other things from the website.