The Gift of Stationery Secret Society Subscription

  • £44.85

Looking for the perfect gift for your stationery loving, wonderful pal? Look no further than the gift of a membership to the Secret Society! 

And so that you can give the recipient something to open before their first box arrives, you'll receive a 'gift of stationery' gift card in the post a few days after your order, to inform them of the lovely present you've got for me, and when they can expect their first box. 

The Secret Society 

The Secret Society is a letterbox sized box of lovely things, including cards, stationery and related cool stuff, delivered once a month.

Every month the box has a new theme, the next box, the January box, will be:

The gift subscription is available to buy for 3, 6 or 12 months, and includes a £7.50 discount on the first box as if you were signing up for the subscription for yourself. 

More About the Secret Society...

I’ve always wanted to be part of a secret society, but whenever I watch a film there’s always something on the following list involved that I’m just not into:

- Signing my name in my own blood
- Weird singing
- Large financial contribution
- Murders or sacrifices

And let’s not even talk about weird sex ceremonies with animal masks & cloaks and stuff.

So I thought now’s the time to start my own secret society that doesn’t involve any of those things, and instead just involves fun papery packages and lovely things. And also a cheeky 20% discount on everything else in my shop whilst you’re in the society.

If you have any questions email or use the web chat feature and I can help you out!