12 Stages of Planning a Wedding Funny Lovely Flaps Engagement Card

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The best thing about people getting engaged is that you can be the one to give them this amusing card detailing the pitfalls to be aware of when planning a wedding. It's like you're performing a public service really. 

Behind each of the 12 illustrated windows you'll find a stage they will find themselves at during the process:

Annoyance that 90% of friends are only interested in stag/hen plans 

Briefly looking at weddings online + realising the days of simple, traditional weddings seem to be over

When it dawns on you that people saying how expensive weddings are weren't fucking around

And another 9 observations that will hit them at some point. 

The perfect engagement card for people that enjoy opening flaps and laughing at stuff. 

Cards are A5 size when folded, supplied with an envelope and are designed and printed in the UK.