Congratulations Some Things You Should Know About Babies Lovely Flaps Greetings Card

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There are so many things you can get for someone when they have a baby, however, what could be better than the gift of honest and hilarious real life knowledge? 

Babies are a lot. But in a good way. Unless you don't like babies which is okay too. You know what there is to know about babies? Here are some examples of the wisdom imparted by this fancy lovely flaps card: 

  • Babies don't read parenting manuals and are therefore unlikely to conform to their ideals.
  • They can sense when you are planning to sit and eat, and are equipped with the means to disrupt at will. 
  • A baby brings with it 2 gifts for you: eternal + unconditional love, and eternal + unconditional worry. 

And there are tonnes more where those came for - in fact there are 12 in total. 

The card is A5 when folded with 12 papery windows and supplied with an inoffensive white envelope. Designed and made in the UK. 

Customer Reviews

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Claire Summerfield
Love them all!!

Love the quirkiness of all things Veronica!
Quick delivery and we’ll packaged.

Laura Noble

Very funny, very true, lovely card, bought 2 & wish I'd bought a spare, as babies everywhere! Will order again!