Lovely Flaps Bargain Bundle

  • £29.95
  • Save £49.25

So despite everything being cancelled, isn't it weird that stuff has still happened? And we still need cards? And you've never got the perfect card to hand despite every single year being like 'I'm going to be organised with cards this year.'

Well, your trouble are over, because this Black Friday I'm selling my lovely flaps by the bucket load. Or at least, one of each design, and there are 16 designs so woah mama that's an exciting amount of lovely flaps to get through your letterbox!

Usually £4.95 each, this weekend only you'll get 16 premium, flappy cards for £29.95. There's a limited amount of bundles for sale so grab them while you can. 

Each bundle contains: 

1 x Unlocking birthday achievements card
1 x What your cocktail choice says about you card 
1 x 12 days of christmas (once the patriarchy has been overthrown) card
1 x Merry christmas cracker jokes card
1 x Things are hard sometimes encouraging words card
1 x Ooh new home card 
1 x 12 stages of wedding planning engagement card
1 x Ways you can annoy each other now you're married wedding card
1 x Congratulations new baby card
1 x Happy anniversary ways to keep things fresh card
1 x 12 things we should try in bed together silly romantic card
1 x Sex trivia silly card
1 x Let's talk dirty euphemisms card 
1 x What your choice of pet says about you card
1 x What your favourite coffee says about you card
1 x What your choice of houseplant says about you card

So, a lot of cards there right? 

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