Sex Trivia Funny Lovely Flaps Greetings Card

  • £4.95

 Is it a card? Is it a gift? Is it a fun filled trivia game? Well, actually, I don’t want to show off or anything, but it’s all three.

What says “Happy Valentine’s Day?” Or “I love you” more than a card with niche sex acts and their amusing names? Well, probably a lot of things, but I don’t want those things. I want this.

The sex things featured include a variety of things that mean they aren’t specifically focused on one gender or sexuality. 

For example:

Did you know, budgie’s tongue = aroused clitoris? Or that a unicorn is the third person joining a couple for a threesome? Well now you do, and now you can find out many more with this card.  

Cards are A5 size when folded, supplied with an envelope and are designed and printed in the UK. 

Obviously, this is not suitable for children.