What Your Favourite Coffee Says About You Lovely Flaps Funny Greetings Card

  • £4.95

Coffee is one of the many things credited with making the world go around. Personally I'm more committed to tea drinking but sometimes you have to go with the flow and pour a latte down your neck, don't you? 

Well the wait is over, this multi occasion greetings card is here to finally put to bed what exactly it is that your favourite coffee says about you. 

Espresso drinker? You don't give a fuck. (Obviously.)

Double espresso aficionado? You are trying too hard to make people think you don't give a fuck. 

Ristretto fan? Nobody understands you and you like it that way. 

Pretty comprehensively really, the card includes flat white, americano, cappucino, latte, macchiato, mocha, Irish coffee, iced coffee, and because it's the future now, cold brew. 

Great birthday card for a coffee drinker, because opening the windows is actually 12 times more exciting than opening a gift (that is my opinion anyway.) But also works equally well as a 'sorry you're leaving card' for your work coffee buddy, or just a general celebration of coffee drinking and amusing cards, loved by almost everyone.