An Unsolicited D... 🍆 Pick-Me-Up Shiny Gold Key Ring

  • £9.95

As confused people on Tinder learn every day, unsolicited 🍆  pics don't tend to have the desired effect. (Assuming the desired effect isn't making the recipient roll their eyes and immediately block the sender. Which, you know, as I cannot fathom the thought process behind it, could well be the intention???) 

So, these aren't unsolicited 🍆  pics. *These* are unsolicited d*** pick-me-ups. And they are weirdly adorable. 

The perfect little cheery gift for a silly sausage that's been sent more than their fair share (ie. any more than zero) actual unsolicited 🍆  pics in their time and deserves a much more uplifting, cartoon cock and balls delivering a lovely uplifting message. On the back the key ring is engraved with 'an unsolicited d*** pick-me-up just for you' (but you know, uncensored IRL) so basically no one can escape the silly joke even if it isn't immediately apparent. 

The key ring comes in a little simple presentation box, and nestled in some fluffy blue tissue paper is a fancy pink velvet bag that contains your new friend.

Each box comes with a little note card to say who it's from, just type it in above before you add to basket and it will be added for you if you're sending it straight to your pal. 

Key rings are approximately 5cm across, with enamel colouring and shiny gold coloured metal for the magpie inside you.