2020 Fun & Encouraging Veronica Dearly Calendar A4

  • £9.95
  • Save £2

 Bring a little bit of Veronica Dearly into your life with the 2020 wall calendar.

Each month features a nice Veronica Dearly illustration, some silly, some funny, some uplifting, you know the drill. Make a lovely Christmas present or I mean it's a calendar so it's quite useful, you can totally get away with buying this for yourself as a practical addition to your life. 

If you happen to share your environment with children you might like to know whether this will corrupt their little minds. The good news is, there is only one naughty word in it once, and that word is 'crap,' so it's quite tame really. 

This year I've mixed it up a bit and gone landscape because hey, you only live once. It's got a hole for hanging or pinning or whatever your favoured method of calendar display is, and the bottom bit with all the dates is nice and big, with added space for notes and nice things like that. 

It's A4 size so when it's displayed it will effectively be A3. All printed on uncoated paper so you don't have to find a special pen to write on it with or anything. I thought that would be handy. 

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