A1 2021 Daily Gentle Encouragement Wall Planner

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  • Save £5

So 2020 might not have panned out as we'd hoped, but there's always next year? Might as well just focus on that 🤷

Every day has a nice little message of gentle encouragement or a tip to help you keep going. You can look at them and feel a nice little warm glow knowing that this wall planner has your back, or you can totally ignore it and it won't even mind, and will still be waiting there to gently encourage you the next day, or whenever you need some nice words. 

Examples of the lovely little messages include: 

✨ Anything is possible
✨ Change is good
✨ Keep going
✨ Celebrate the positives
✨ You are magical

This is an A1 wall planner, so you can see your whole year stretching out ahead of you, complete with infinite potential, ready to be harnessed, and maybe you could even use it to make some PLANS, unlike this year. 

Each day is approximately 23mm x 40mm so you can write a few little bits in, if you are the exciting sort of person that has a few bits happening each day.

Your gentle encouragement is printed very faintly every day, so you can choose to write over it, but you'll always know deep down that it was there. 

They are printed on fsc approved paper stock and come folded neatly (by a super neat folding machine) down to A4, so they can fit through your letterbox and take up minimum space inside the wonderful planes, trains, automobiles & bicycles that deliver them your way. 

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