Goal Boss Desk Pad Productivity Kit

  • £12.95

Want to get some goals smashed? This is the productivity kit you need in your life! 

The kit includes A4 pink pad with a special page for each goal to help you make an action plan, broken down into small steps, a progress tracking bar and a reward you'll get for smashing it. 

Alongside the A4 pad you'll get an A5 daily notepad so you can keep track of your to do list, including what your main focus is, your mood, any calls or emails you have to make and something you're looking forward to. 

The pads are supplied neatly held together with a cute belly band making this a great gift for a pal with big ideas, or the best present you can buy yourself today. Probably. 

Both pads contain 50 leaves and have cute pastel coloured fronts to keep them safe.