Hello, I'm Veronica Dearly, the illustrator behind this little world. I work with Carly and Claire to create lovely things and send them out into the world.I spend as much time as I possibly can drawing stuff and trying to come up with new ideas. Check out the video below if you want to learn a little bit about me and my story... 

Carly is in charge of customer service and communication, so when you email us, it's more than likely that Carly will be the one helping you. 

Carly lives with her drummer boyfriend Josh and their cats. 

When not working at Veronica Dearly Carly also organises an annual zombie walk, amongst other events that sound like fun, including a weekly pub quiz. 


Claire is responsible for managing the studio and the wholesale side of the operation. 

Claire is a born adventurer and started working here after travelling around Australia, and is just waiting for a time when David Attenborough realises he is ready to settle down with her. 

When not working at Veronica Dearly, Claire is always finding something to occupy her time, from socialising, to climbing, to silversmithing or doing handstands and pullups. Basically Claire is a busy bee. 

Claire studied illustration and enjoys doing beautiful drawings on her ipad pro.