Mentoring can be a brilliant way to get some fresh perspective
and access to some 🧠inside knowledge🧠
that comes with years of experience in business.
I love to share and I am always excited to help you tackle
whatever obstacles you are facing. 

I started my illustration business 10 years ago as a way of satisfying my need for fulfilment (and money ) around my 2 children, who were 1 & 2 at the time. It's been a really exciting journey and my commitment to remaining open minded to changing how I do things and learning new skills have been really important. 

During mentoring sessions we can discuss whatever is on your mind, whether you are right at the beginning and pre-launch and want to talk through some ideas, or you're already caught up in the running your business and want a fresh pair of eyes on what's going on. 

During our session, we can discuss pretty much anything you've got on your mind. I'll send you a little form to fill in before, and ask you to identify the main area/areas you would like to focus on, but that will by no means stop you from bringing up anything you like while we talk.

Some topics you may want to cover...

Mindset :love_letter: Launching a business :love_letter: Marketing   Branding :love_letter: Confidence   Social Media :love_letter: Selling Online :love_letter: Products :love_letter: Pricing :love_letter:  Finding Suppliers :love_letter: Advertising :love_letter: General strategy :love_letter: Anything else that's on your mind!  

Over the years I have either been a one woman band or part of a very small team, so I've had a lot of direct experience in many different areas of running a small business, including:

🏪 Wholesale 🏪

I have sold to stores small & large, including some household names, and when it comes to trade shows, catalogues and logistics I've started right at the beginning, been completely overwhelmed by it all, and then got on with it and worked it all out.

🛒 eCommerce & online marketplace selling 🛒

Selling direct to customers online has always been one of my main goals and I have previously been a successful online marketplace seller which enabled me to reinvest profits into growth before moving on to focus on driving sales through my own website. I'm a firm believer in not putting all my eggs in one basket and this has always been reflected in my ecommerce strategy. 

📱 Growing a social media following 📱

If you're here, chances are you found me through social media. It's taken me 10 years but I've grown an engaged following and a platform that allows me to communicate directly with my audience and my customers. 

🦠 Creating engaging viral content 🦠

I learnt early on that creating cute content that reflected what I was doing with my brand, what was happening in my life, and the things that I care about was the way to get my audience to engage with me best. It's not always easy to put your finger on which direction you want to go in with content creation but I've tried a lot of different things and can bring you some clarity if this is where you're in need of assistance. 

💁 Personal Branding 💁

Having run a business with my own name and brought a lot of myself to it, I understand the emotional rollercoaster this can send you on. I've created my own boundaries and know which parts of me fall nicely into my online persona and which parts I save for the people I live with, which is the perfect balance for me. 

👩‍🎨‍‍ Freelance design & illustration ‍‍👩‍🎨

As well as all the above, I suppose the main event is that I actually illustrate and design things, and have self taught myself all the software and skills I have needed so far. As well as this I have insight on contracts, setting expectations and delivering work that keeps my clients happy. 

How it Works

I want to keep my mentoring sessions as open as possible, so if you just have a few quick questions I don't want you to be tied into a set number of sessions. So without making it too complicated there are three options to choose from:

☕ A quick chat - £95 ☕

A 45 minute zoom call to fill in some knowledge gaps or talk over ideas. This will suit you best if you know exactly what you want to cover, you just want to pick my brain and won't need a follow up call. 

⭐ The (gold) standard service - £150 ⭐

A 45 minute zoom call where we can discuss anything you'd like. This will be followed up with an email confirming any action points we discussed and any bonus information you've requested. During the call we will agree a date for a follow up 30 minute zoom to give you some accountability, and also a further opportunity to take a deeper dive into what you're doing, or cover an entirely new topic if that floats your boat. 

✨👖✨ the fancy pants - FROM £75 per month ✨👖✨

Every month for 3 or 6 months, we will have a 45 minute zoom call where we can discuss anything you'd like. This will be followed up with an email confirming any action points we discussed and any bonus information you've requested. During each call we will agree a date for our next session and a little plan of what you want to achieve by then. Every session will allow you to bring up whatever new questions you might have and this package will give you the chance to really make the most of our time together and make some solid progress over the months. 

🤸 How to get started 🤸

If you sign up below you will be the first to know when spots open up each month, and find out how to book.