2020 Redo by Veronica Dearly

  • £18.95

So, this is a bit awkward, but 2020 hasn’t turned out quite as well as I’d hoped. So I’m thinking let’s just turn over a new leaf and redo what we set out to do. To help you do that, I’m launching REDO - a one of a kind look past the first day of the rest of your life. 

There will be 100 in existence and each one completely one of a kind and drawn/written by hand. 

What is Your 2020 Redo?

Your 2020 Redo is a magical little package. A small box that will fit through a letterbox, sealed with a cute little sticker. 

Open the box, you will find a lovely little letter. Underneath this, a little tissue paper parcel. Inside, you will find:

  • A fortune
  • A focus
  • An affirmation

Each of these is one of a kind (like you) and hand drawn by me, Veronica Dearly (probably not like you.)

As well as that, you’ll get:

  • A tear proof purse friendly reminder card to tell you you can always turn over a new leaf
  • A little green moss agate tumblestone  - the stone of new beginnings 

All orders will be shipped by first class post on Saturday 25th July so you can expect them to arrive around Tuesday 28th July. 

Price includes UK shipping.



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