A Gorgeous Obsidian Stone To Send Out Some Good Vibes

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Do you ever just wish you could shrink down and curl up into a little tiny ball and live in your pals pocket so you could constantly imagine rote the them from bad vibes and cheer them on?


Sound a bit claustrophobic and intense but you can get on board with the general idea it represents? 

Perfect. Then this could be for you. You rock, and in what is fast becoming a convoluted metaphor, you now are a rock. A lovely tiny but perfectly formed obsidian crystal to be precise. 

💎 Obsidian is a protective stone, to shield you from negative energy and soothe mental stress + tension. 💎

Sent to your pal in a little velvety pouch, along with a little information about what it represents & what it's for, and a little Veronica Dearly notecard to say who it's from. 

All contained neatly and safely in a little box that will fit through a letterbox and wait beautifully on the doormat to be well received.

Obsidian crystals are approximately 3.5cm across and fit neatly in the palm of your hand or a little pocket, some of them have little white snowflake-y blotches (like in the photo) and some are just plain black. 

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