A Visual Journey Through Fatherhood Father's Day Card

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 So Fatherhood is apparently pretty hard. I mean most Dads will never understand the true pain of childbirth but apparently parenthood stretches beyond that. As the product of a single Mother, men may still be almost entirely mysterious to me but through careful observation of other humans going about their business, I've pretty much nailed Fatherhood and all it's trials and tribulations. Or at least the mildly humorous parts, I've left the dark stuff for another time. 

And it's funny in a funny because-it's-true sort of way so this will be nice for someone that is waiting for their baby to develop past the 'size of a mango in my partner's uterus' stage and for your ageing father-in-law who's raised 11 children and knows how to solve all fathering dilemmas. It doesn't discriminate. 

Great for Father's day (duh) or for Dad's birthday (also duh.) But hey, it's also a great card for an expectant Dad, be it your partner or just a terrified friend. It might not necessarily allay their fears but it will show that you're thinking of them and that's nice right? 

A5 when folded, supplied with a white envelope. 

Get this card as part of a Father's Day Gift Set here: https://bit.ly/2XcsgTD

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