A1 2022 Good Things Are Happening Wall Planner

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New year, new wall planner. 

A pastel coloured, cloud patterned A1 wall planner with an uplifting message at the top, this is basically what my dreams look like. 

A nice, big wall planner that will brighten up your room AND your day.

A lovely wall planner for all your year planning needs, with every single day of 2022 visible at the same time. Wild huh? 

It's A1, printed on nice sturdy paper, with a lovely cloud and blue sky design.

Each box is approximately 35mm x 24mm so you have enough space to write in your plans! 

These wall planners come folded to A4 size to save postage and wastage. 

Customer Reviews

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Kate P
Good things are happening

I love this planner! So pleased I managed to get one! It’s helping me to plan lots of joy to look forward to

Claire Cousins
A2 planner

It helps me feel more in control of my plans!
Really really uplifting design to!

The best in wall calendars

I have a wall calendar last year and it pretty much changed my life and helped my tiny brain function. Joyful and colourful, much better than those other calendars.

Lucy Alexander

A1 2022 Good Things Are Happening Wall Planner

Jenn Brookes
Review of wall calendar

Great wall calendar (I buy every year) also it arrived so fast I forgot what it was when it came in the post. Haha! Thanks again