Hand Drawn Love Triangle Valentine's Day A5 Card

  • £9.95

We all seem to be involved in some kind of love triangle. Me and my husband, for example, are both also in love with Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU, so she forms the 3rd point of our triangle. 

Equally, you might not be so keen on the third thing, but regardless feel like it forms a significant part of your relationship. Maybe your partner has a drum kit in the house for example, or a fucking bike that lives in the hall and you get your belt loops caught on every single time you try and move around the house. Just from the top of my head of course. 

So let me know the 3 things to go in your triangle and I will send you an entirely hand drawn A5 card, on 350gsm, with a pink envelope, for you to present to your lover.

*When you "Add to Cart" a box will ask for a gift note etc so just pop your names/things right there and I'll add them to your card for you!*

I went with A5, because I am kind of an egomaniac and thought you will probably want to frame the card afterwards and display it somewhere prominent in your home. 

These will be a limited edition, because there's only so many cards I can draw/write before my hand turns into a sad, blistered claw.

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