Jingle All the Way Away With Your Negativity Pro-Christmas Enamel Glitter Pin

  • £3.95
  • Save £5

Do you spend the year wistfully looking forward to the Festive season, aka the Best time of the year forever and ever no returns? 

Are you immune to the misery it inflicts on other people when you put a picture of your Christmas tree up on the internet in October? Even though it affects them in absolutely no way whatsoever. 

Do you cry happy tears when you first hear a Christmas song on the radio each year? 

This could be the pin for you. A lovely glittery silver bell that looks adorable but is actually warning off the Scrooges of the world. 

If you are part of a hilarious duo whereby one of you loves Christmas, and one of you hates it, you can also buy this pin as a pair. 

Enamel pins are 30mm and coated in epoxy to keep them shiny & keep the glitter safe. 

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