Little Box of Manifestation, Abundance + Extremely Good Cosmic Vibes With Crystal Set

  • £29.95

We can all do with a bit of extra universal assistance after the year we've had I reckon. This limited edition little box of goodies is here to hook you up. 

Inside each box is a beautiful pink velvet pounch, containing a little obsidian wands, a clear quartz palm stone, and a pair of lovely tumble stones - one rose quartz and one fluorite. Each with it's own purpose, as explained nicely in the A6 folded guide leaflet to your box of tricks. 

  • 🛑  Obisidian wand to shield you from negativity
  • 🔊 Clear Quartz palm stone to amplify energy + intention 
  • 😎  Fluorite tumblestone to boost confidence
  • 💖 Rose Quartz tumblestone to promote universal love

Also inside the box is:

👁️ A mini folded vision board kit for you to fill in and keep nearby to aid in your manifestation

📝 A little to do list type notepad you can use to set your intentions for each day

💱 Some universal currency to pop in your wallet or purse to prepare you for endless abundance

There are just 25 of these kits going out into the world, so snap up yours nice and quick and let's make some magic! ✨

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