Veronica Dearly's Magical Encouraging Fortune Telling Heart Ball

  • £18.95

I think by now, we have firmly established that we could all do with a little bit of encouragement sometimes. Okay, most of the time. Enter, my ✨ Magical Encouraging Fortune Telling Heart Ball ✨ 

A small but perfectly formed pink heart bursting full of inspiring and uplifting messages, in response to all of life's big questions. 

Got a query for the universe? Looking for direction? Just ask this friendly little guy and see what it says in response. There's 20 different messages, all bring some level of motivation or comfort, including:

💖 You are enough
❔ Remember why
🤯  You already know
🚦 Get started 

Plus another 16 beautiful (non sweary and thus suitable for sensitive) encouraging answers. 

The perfect gift for, well, I mean, all of humanity? But, if you have a more specific gift list than that, this magical fortune telling heart would make a lovely gift for:

A treasured friend or loved one
A colleague that has a little spot on their desk waiting for something lovely
Someone that's going through a little bit of a tough time
A secret Santa recipient 
The person in your life whose drawer is packed full of oracle decks and affirmation cards already

Each heart is approximately 12cm x 11cm x 8cm and comes with lots, and lots, and lots of love. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Zara Mughal
Brilliant item

This was my leaving gift for my work colleagues and they absolutely loved it!

Poor quality

Really poor quality. Difficult to read the words inside the heart - often the prism shape with the words doesn’t lie properly against the window so it obscures the words.

Cute idea but really not worth it.

valen houghton

This arrived so quickly! I gave this to my sister as a gift and she absolutely loved it 💕

Kirsty Davies
Thoughtful gift

Ideal gift for a girl that’s got everything! Always in need of some extra words of encouragement. The perfect thoughtful little treat!

Maynerd, Danica
Heart ❤️ magic 8 ball

I love the design of the product it’s really cute and sweet! However the triangle messenger in the middle never rests flat after you ask it a question and shake to reveal the answer. So it’s not as good as the one the magic 8 ball has which always reveals a clear message after you shake it. But great idea and I love the concept.