Merry Christmas Cracker Jokes Funny Lovely Flaps Card

  • £4.95

What's the best thing about Christmas? 

Is it spending time with loved ones? Mariah Carey? Gifts? No, it's pretty much Christmas cracker jokes. 

And this card presents them in a way that creates a lot less mess, with a lot less random miniature crap, and presents 12 in one go. 

Each of the 12 windows has a joke on the front and the answer inside, including such comedy gold as: 

Who hides in a bakery at Christmas?
A mince spy

Did Rudolph go to school? 
No, he was elf taught

What did Adam say the day before Christmas?
It's Christmas, Eve!

And there are 9 more where those gems came from. 

Dad jokes feature heavily, so it will work well for almost any Dad joke fan, which is an audience extending far beyond actual Dads. 

Also, it's more than a card. It's got flaps! So it's basically better than opening a gift. So thrifty. 

Cards are A5 size when folded, supplied with an envelope and are designed and printed in the UK.