Survived Another Hour Of This Bulls.... Celebratory Mug

  • £12.95

Things have been a bit tricky to navigate recently, you may have noticed. This mug is like a little trophy, but more practical, to mark another hour that you've successfully survived. 

Treat yourself, and have a nice celebratory cup of tea (or whatever you fancy) on the hour, every hour, to encourage you through these endless days we seem to be living in. 

Send one to a lovely friend who might need a little party halfway through the day. 

When you click "Add to cart" you will have the option to add a "From" name if this is a gift.

This nice happy mug has a friendly looking smiley face waiting to spread the joy, with the message:

Made it Through Another Hour of This Bulls***

Show your lovely pal, your family, or otherwise special human that you're thinking of them during these tricky times with a silly mug sent straight to them with a tiny handwritten gift note to say who it's from. 

Mugs are 330ml ceramic. We don't recommend putting them in the dishwasher. Just in case.


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