Unlocking Birthday Achievements Funny Lovely Flaps Card

  • £4.95

Birthdays are great. Except once you're an adult they start to become a little predictable. I've taken that and turned it into a big joke with this flappy birthday card. 

Behind each illustrated window, the recipient will find a description of a classic birthday occurrence. 

For example: 

  • Disappointment that the world just carries on as usual despite it being your big day. 
  • Almost impressive lack of effort from work colleagues.
  • People you've not spoken to in 20 years wishing you a happy birthday online.

Sound familiar right? Well there's more where those came from. 9 more in fact. 

A great birthday card, especially if you want to get out of getting someone a gift, because this is probably a lot more fun to open. It's got flaps and there are no annoying ribbons you have to find scissors for. 

Cards are A5 size when folded, supplied with an envelope and are designed and printed in the UK.