Veronica Dearly's Lockdown Valentine's Awards Ceremony in a Box

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Let's face the facts, so far this year there hasn't been all that much to celebrate, so I thought, let's find something to celebrate. 

With Valentine's day around the corner, I've created...

🏆 The first annual Relationship Awards Ceremony in a box! 🏆

A silly, romantic, and crucially, sofa-based Valentine's Day activity for you and your cohabiting partner. 

Each awards ceremony in-a-box contains:

2 x Printed trophy cabinets 
1 x Ice breaker activity
21 x Award Tokens
21 x Prize Tokens 
1 x Pop Up Trophy
1 x Runners Up Rosette
2 x Acceptance Speech Mad libs 

So this Valentine's Day, crack open the box and begin...

You both get a lovely trophy cabinet that you are aiming to fill up as the evening progresses, beginning with the winner of the ice breaker, a little warm up that should be much less excruciating than actual ice breakers at corporate training days, because you hopefully already know each other quite well. 

Then it's time to begin the main event, crack open the awards and start deciding who wins what... From Special Recognition for Hot Beverage Preparation Avoidance all the way through to The Most Delicious Posterior Award there's awards spanning our incredibly broad experiences of life during lockdown. 👀

Work your way through each award in the envelope, some might have an obvious winner - for the Angriest Cleaning Award for example, or Guardian of the Dishwasher. Some you might both lay claim to, and others you might prefer to appear in your partner's cabinet, but that's the fun of it. Make your case and exercise your debate skills, and if you really get stuck on one, there's always "everyone on the internet" who you could ask to settle the matter for you. 

For every award that goes your way, you get to pick a prize token from the selection which is a mixture of pre-printed tokens and some you can write in yourself.

Once all the awards have been awarded, see who comes out on top! The person with the most awards in their trophy cabinet wins the grand prize - a pop up trophy. The runner up gets a special rosette so no one is left out. 

Finish off proceedings with some acceptance speech mad libs, and then spend the next year specifically tailoring your behaviour to win that award that you *just* missed out on and are a bit cross about to be completely honest.  

❤️ This awards ceremony is designed for any kind of couple regardless of gender or sexuality, however it is tailored to couples that live together. ❤️


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