Ways You Can Annoy Each Other Now You're Married Funny Wedding Congratulations Card

  • £4.95

What better way to welcome your pals to the world of marriage than filling them in with some real life things that they can do to annoy each other? 

Behind each of the incredibly exciting flaps on this card, you'll find just another annoyance they will experience or dish out along the way. 

  • Send text messages without an 'x' to signify incandescent rage. 
  • Loudly and pointedly move things that have been put in the wrong place. 
  • Car refuelling brinkmanship.

And another 9, and those are just to get them started off. 

Perfect silly wedding card for the well matched couple unlikely to torture each other with daily irritation. 

Cards are A5 size when folded, supplied with an envelope and are designed and printed in the UK.